Build street cars, & race to the top of THE LIST

Build over X cars with X different parts
Save cash and buy a Parts Store so you can Develop your own parts that give you the advantage over the competition
Tune supsension settings, transmission rations, rear gear rations, buy different size tires with different rubber compounds, shock and spring settings, boost levels, nitrous shot size.

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Explore the city to find the next greatest part and the stickiest roads with the least amount of cop traffic. You might learn that the right lane at the spot by the airport hooks like the track, but the left lane not so much.

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Explore & Race

Find the the race spots that have the best action, some of the slower guys tend to meet on the east side of town while the fast guys are like ghosts, they stay low key to avoid cop troubles.

Each race spot, down to each lane has its own traction level that changes depending on how much it gets used by the players in the game.
The more a spot gets used, the more traction, but the more times people have called the cops on you dang street racers. Eventually the cops will get fed up and people will lose big time.


Customize your cars with one of the bigest lists of parts any game has ever brought to the market.

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Create Your Dream Car

The available parts are constanty changing, so a part that was available yesterday, might be gone tomorrow, leaving some with a advantage over others.
But driver skill and tuning skills can compensate for lack of equipment. With every possible part you can think of to install, the ability to change gear ratios, tire compounds, suspension settings, launch rpms, shift points, how deep you stage, and many other factors, you can make a theoretically slower car faster than theoretically faster cars.

Be The Best

Race to be at the top of the leaderboards, be invited to secret cash days events with huge payouts and massive street cred gains.

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Race to #1 on the list

Race your way to the top ten list just like they do in the famous tv series show and just like the local street race guys in your home town.

Race in tournaments that are promoted by the staff of the game or by other players
Once you've gained enough street cred, you'll get a chance at racing for a spot in the top 10 list.